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11175 Cicero Drive Building 200 Suite 100
Alpharetta, Georgia 30022
(678) 687-8444
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NYAH Med Spa Reviews

Renee L
Feb 01,2016
The staff is very professional, courteous and punctual. This is my first laser treatment experience. They were very thorough in explaining it to me and answering my questions. I would definitely recommend.

Jan 31,2016
Excellent customer service

Kristeena S.
Jan 31,2016
I had a stand in to do my last Brazilian laser removal, it was such a great session that was super quick and I wanted to continue to book the lady. Much to my surprise, she turned out to be the owner! While I`m sad sh can no longer see me, I am impressed that even the owner can step and and proves to be great as well!

Jan 30,2016
I`ve had two treatments with Brie and have seen results. Anything that causes the slightest pain makes me hesitant. Brie has been wonderful in making me feel comfortable. She`s resourceful with her time to try to meet your needs. Totally appreciate her! Everyone is very friendly and attentive. Cleanliness was better by my second visit. They are so busy I can see it becoming a struggle to keep everything spotless.

Jan 25,2016
Very professional, I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes, and the laser hair removal worked well for me. Technicians are thorough, friendly, and they give you aloe and sunscreen to put on after treatment.

Jan 25,2016
Friendly staff great service!

Rupal S.
Jan 24,2016
Great service. Always answered all my questions with a smile on their face. Never did I ever have any problem with any one I talked to. The lady at the desk inside the spa was the best! She was always smiling. Actually everyone I talked to or saw walking down the hall had smiles on their faces.

Jan 22,2016
Great, friendly service! I would definitely recommend.

Jan 21,2016
Ashley was great! I appreciate that she asked where my problem areas were for the sections we were doing and that she gave me the smaller glasses to get all the undesired hair zapped! They were running about 30 minutes behind on my appointment though, which was a little exhausting. I think if this happens, its always best to give the client a heads up as opposed to saying nothing. Overall, a great experience and looking forward to continuing my treatments! Thank you!

Jan 21,2016
I have been using laser services at Nyah for the past 2 years now and I am extremely happy with them. I have had multiple technicians and they all have been very professional and efficient during appointments. The longest I have had to wait is about 15 minutes which has only happened once or twice. The front desk is friendly and courteous. No complaints and I recommend this place to all my family and friends.
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